Nicola Sturgeon Says a Second Scottish Independence Referendum Could be as Early as 2017


Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, has said that a second Scottish independence referendum could take place as early as 2017. Sturgeon indicated that she didn’t believe the Prime Minister would sign Article 50 to leave the EU until it had agreement from the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish leaders.

Speaking to BBC News, Sturgeon said:

“If you are asking me right now, do I think Theresa May will never ever trigger Article 50 unless I am saying to her I am absolutely happy with the direction that the UK is taking, I don’t know that that is the case, but what she did seem to indicate is that she wants, as I want, to see if we can find options that respect how Scotland voted”.

Sturgeon also indicated that she wanted Scotland to remain in the EU, although this may prove difficult if the Spanish and French Governments seek to veto the proposals.