First Stage of Lammy Report Comes to an End


The first stage of the Lammy Report has been completed, an enquiry led by David Lammy to ascertain why there is an over-representation of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) individuals in the criminal justice system.

Lammy said:

“My team has been working to determine the facts, visiting our prisons and courts to understand why over a quarter of the prison population comes from a BAME background.

The call for evidence has generated a huge response from a wide range of voices. We are now carefully considering the findings to make sure all suspects and offenders are treated equally, regardless of ethnicity”.

The inquiry has received 300 responses from interested parties and Lammy said:

“We’ve had hundreds of responses from across the criminal justice system, from prisoners to judges, as well as from important groups fighting for equality in our courts and prisons. My team will use this evidence to help focus the review on the areas which matter most”.

Lammy is expected to publish its full report in early 2017.