Chief Rabbi Criticises Jeremy Corbyn’s “Offensive” Comments


Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, has been criticised by the Chief Rabbi for making “offensive” comments about the Jewish community.

Corbyn was at a Labour party meeting designed to reassure the Jewish community that the party wasn’t anti-semitic. During the meeting he said:

“The point is that you shouldn’t say to someone that just because they’re Jewish you must have an opinion on Israel, any more that you say to anyone who’s a Muslim you must have an opinion on the vile actions being taken by people misquoting the good name of Islam in what they do”.

In a statement Rabbi Sacks said:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s comparison of the State of Israel to ISIS is demonisation of the highest order, an outrage and unacceptable. That this occurred at the launch of the report into the Labour Party’s recent troubles with antisemitism shows how deep the sickness is in parts of the left of British politics today. Israel is a democratic state with an independent judiciary, a free press and a diverse population of many cultures, religions and creeds. ISIS is a terrorist entity whose barbarities have been condemned by all those who value our common humanity. In the current political climate, when hate crimes are rising and political rhetoric is increasingly divisive, this is all the more shocking”.