Schools Minister Suggests Government May Legislate to Limit Term-Time Holidays


Nick Gibb, the Schools Minister, has said that the Government is disappointed in the High Court ruling which quashed the legal right of a council to fine parents for their childrens’ non-attendance in school.

Gibb said in the House of Commons:

“We have increased the fines issued to parents of pupils with persistent unauthorised absence, placed greater emphasis on school attendance levels in inspection outcomes and, crucially, we have clamped down on the practice of taking term-time holidays. Those measures have been strikingly successful: the number of persistent absentees in this country’s schools has dropped by over 40%, from 433,000 in 2010 to 246,000 in 2015, and some 4 million fewer days are lost due to unauthorised absence compared with 2012-2013”.

He concluded:

“We are awaiting the written judgment from the High Court and will outline our next steps in due course. The House should be assured that we will seek to take whatever measures are necessary to give schools and local authorities the power and clarity to ensure that children attend school when they should”.