Michael Heseltine, former Deputy Prime Minister, criticises Boris Johnson


Michael Heseltine, the former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister from 1995 until 1997, has criticised some of the interventions made by Boris Johnson, the former London Mayor, into the EU referendum debate.

Heseltine, speaking to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg said on Johnson’s Hitler comments:

“The idea that any serious British politician can in any way invoke that memory, I find – frankly, I had better contain my language”.

Heseltine added:

“He is behaving now irresponsibly, recklessly and I fear that his judgment is going”.

The former Deputy Prime Minister also questioned whether Johnson’s leadership ambitions may now be in jeopardy, saying:

“Every time he makes these extraordinary utterances I think people in the Conservative party will question whether he now has the judgment for that position”.