Presidential Candidate Donald Trump would allow Sadiq Khan to enter the US


Donald Trump, the likely Republican candidate for the US Presidency, has said that he would “make an exception” which would allow Sadiq Khan into the US. Khan is the new London Mayor and would otherwise be banned under proposed measures to restrict Muslims from entering the US.

Sadiq Khan said that he intended to visit the US to speak to and engage with political leaders. He said though that he intended to visit in the near future as:

“If Donald Trump becomes the president I’ll be stopped from going there by virtue of my faith”.

Asked to comment on Khan’s election, Trump said:

“I was happy to see that. I think it’s a very good thing, and I hope he does a very good job because frankly that would be very, very good. Because I think if he does a great job, it will really – you lead by example, always lead by example. If he does a good job, and frankly if he does a great job, that would be a terrific thing”.