Labour Refuse to Confirm MPs will get Free Vote on Trident


The Labour Party has refused to comment on a suggestion made by Len McCluskey, the leader of the Unite union, that the party would offer a free vote on Trident.

In an interview with the Guardian the union leader said:

“What I’m expecting to happen, and what I am told will happen, and I think Jeremy should announce this and be clearer about it, is that Labour MPs will be given a free vote. So that’s the end of any division, people will be able to vote in accordance with their passion. That will mean that the Trident replacement submarine and their successor submarines will go through comfortably in Parliament”.

McCluskey’s comments come just weeks after he criticised the policy of the party following Jeremy Corbyn’s comment that workers could diversify.

“We won’t take any lectures from anyone who throws the word diversification around”.

The Labour Party refused to confirm McCluskey’s comments.