OECD Warn of Costs of UK Leaving the EU


The OECD have warned of the costs to the UK if the country votes to leave the European Union.

Speaking to the BBC Today programme Angel Gurria, the Secretary General, said:

“Brexit is like a tax. It is the equivalent to roughly missing out on about one month’s income within four years but then it carries on to 2030. That tax is going to be continued to be paid by Britons over time”.

He added:

“In the end we come out and say: why are we spending so much time, so much effort and so much talent in trying to find ways to compensate for a bad decision when you do not necessarily have to take the bad decision?

This is not wishful thinking – which we believe that the Brexit camp in many cases has been assuming. There is absolutely no reason why you would get a sweeter trade deal than you already have, no reason why you would have a sweeter investment deal”.

Vote Leave rejected the warnings and attacked the OECD:

“The OECD is in the pay of the EU. Angel Gurria is part of a global bureaucracy that feathers its nest with vast expenses claims paid for by taxpayers. OECD officials themselves avoid paying tax in most countries – he is in no place to lecture us about taxes”.