Matthew Parris, journalist and former MP, launches attack on Boris Johnson


Matthew Parris, the Times journalist and former Conservative MP, has launched a fierce attack on Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.

In an article for The Times newspaper Parris said about Johnson:

“Incompetence is not funny. Policy vacuum is not funny. Administrative sloth is not funny. Breaking promises is not funny. A careless disregard for the truth is not funny.

Advising old mates planning to beat somebody up is not funny. Abortions and gagging orders are not funny. Creeping ambition in a jester’s cap is not funny.

Vacuity posing as merriment, cynicism posing as savviness, a wink and smile covering for betrayal . . . these things are not funny”.

He added:

“It’s the casual dishonesty, the cruelty, the betrayal; and, beneath the betrayal, the emptiness of real ambition: the ambition to do anything useful with office once it is attained.

I will not name two of the women he impregnated, one of whom had an abortion and a miscarriage (she had believed he would marry her); the other bearing his child; and the Court of Appeal judge, refusing a “gagging order” in 2013 to conceal her existence, remarking that the public had a right to know about what he called Johnson’s “reckless” behaviour.

Nor is there space to elaborate on his lies about the first case to Michael Howard, then his party leader, for which Howard sacked him.

Nor on his sacking many years earlier from this newspaper for making up quotes. Nor the broken promise to his proprietors not to run for parliament while editing The Spectator”.

Boris Johnson is yet to comment about the article.