Theresa Villiers Comments on 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Sunday Risings

Theresa Villiers
Theresa Villiers

Theresa Villiers, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, has issued a statement over the 100th anniversary of the Easter Sunday Risings. The Risings are seen as one of the most important steps towards the creation of an independent Republic of Ireland.

In the statement Villiers said:

“I recognise the significance of this weekend for Irishmen & women across the world.

Whatever one’s perspective, I welcome and appreciate the efforts of the Irish Government to ensure that the centenary of the Easter Rising is marked in ways that are inclusive and designed to promote reconciliation”.

The Marquess of Lansdowne said in the House of Lords 100 years following the attacks:

“My noble friend concluded his speech by calling the attention of the House to the fact that within his knowledge repeated warnings had been addressed to the Irish Government as to not only the possibility but the probability of an outbreak of this kind. I have made inquiries into this matter, and I am not able to conjecture what is the precise foundation upon which my noble friend’s charge is made. It is a matter of notoriety that for some time past the activity of the Sinn Fein party has been very noticeable and has occasioned serious misgivings to many people, and to that extent it is, no doubt, quite true that the Government of Ireland were aware that there was a possibility of trouble, but I have not been able to hear of anything like a specific or authoritative warning of such a development as that which we have witnessed within the last few days. In fact, the only specific warning which we did receive—it was one which came from an external source—reached us on the day of the outbreak”.