National Union of Teachers Back Strike Action


The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has backed strike action after a vote at their annual conference. The strike action would be in opposition to the Government’s White Paper on Education, including the plan to turn all schools into academies by 2022.

Although a strike may not take place there is also the possibility that other teaching unions could join in with strike action on the same dates.

Earlier in the week Anne Swift, the President of the NUT, said at her Presidential address at the conference:

“Our union recognises the dangers, understands the issues and focuses on the campaigns that will make a difference. It is essential that we stand together with our fellow professionals. We are a union that stands up for education and protects our members in their workplaces. We should say No to Nicky; No to forced academies, No to privatisation and No to ludicrous testing and accountability systems”.

A spokesman for the Department of Education said:

“As set out in our white paper we are determined to continue with our vision to ensure every single child has the best possible education, as well as raising the status of the profession. It would be refreshing to see the NUT doing likewise”.