Government Makes Changes to VISA Application Process to Reduce Reliance on Foreign Workers


The Government has confirmed that changes are to be made to the VISA application process in a bid to reduce the reliance on foreign workers.

The changes mean that there will be an increase in the minimum salary for experienced workers from £25,000 to £30,000, in the expectation of preventing foreign workers lowering wages. There will also be measures to make it easier to hire graduate trainees and the introduction of an skills charge for every non-EEA worker who is employed.

James Brokenshire, the Immigration Minister, said:

“This balanced package of changes has been designed to ensure our immigration system continues to work in the national interest, ensuring that employers look first to the UK resident labour market before recruiting from overseas.

It will prevent companies using foreign workers to undercut wages in this country and will help fund training schemes to give British workers the skills they need to help our economy grow further. At the same time, it will ensure that we are still able to attract nurses and other skilled migrants to the UK”.