Ken Livingstone Criticised after Jimmy Savile Comment


Ken Livingstone, the former Labour London Mayor, has been criticised for making comments about Jimmy Savile when speaking to LBC Radio. His comments came just weeks after controversial comments Livingstone made about Hilary Benn, Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn.

Referring to Dan Jarvis’s speech yesterday Livingstone said:

“The other thing to say about Dan Jarvis. If you’re really Labour, what are you doing taking thousands of pounds from hedge-fund managers? Hedge-fund managers have been the most rapacious and damaging form of capitalists that we’ve had. It’s absolutely bizarre. It’s a bit like Jimmy Savile funding a children’s group”.

Michael Dugher, the Labour MP for Barnsley East, said:

“Ken Livingstone is not fit to lace Dan Jarvis’s boots”.

Jamie Reed, the Labour MP for Copeland, also criticised the former London Mayor, saying:

“No regard for the victims, no regard for the pain and anger he will have caused, and no care for the damage he continues to do to Labour. It’s another embarrassment. I look forward to his shame-faced apology for his latest sickening outburst”.

Ian Austin, the Labour MP for Dudley North said on Twitter:

“Disgusting. Just disgusting. No other word for it. Ken Livingstone’s comments are disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting”.

Ken Livingstone has yet to apologise for his comments.