Nick Clegg and Buckingham Palace Dismiss Sun Story on Brexit

Queen Elizabeth II visits a new maternity ward at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

Nick Clegg, the former Deputy Prime Minister, and a spokesman for HM Queen Elizabeth II, have rejected a story by the Sun newspaper that the Monarch backed the UK leaving the EU.

The newspaper reported that the Queen had made her views known at a gathering which was attended by Nick Clegg. The Sun, which has declined to name a source behind the story, said:

“The 89-year-old monarch firmly told passionate pro-European Mr Clegg that she believed the EU was heading in the wrong direction”.

Nick Clegg said today on Twitter:

“Re Sun story. As I told the journalist this is nonsense. I’ve no recollection of this happening & its not the sort of thing I would forget”.

A spokesman for the Monarch said:

“The Queen remains politically neutral as she has for 63 years. We will not comment on spurious, anonymously sourced claims. The referendum is a matter for the British people to decide”.