Tory MP Philip Davies Criticises Government’s “Dodgy Dossier”


Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, has criticised the Government for what he suggested was false information on the European referendum,

Davies said in the House of Commons during Business Questions:

“May we have a debate on the dodgy dossier that the Government have produced in advance of the EU referendum? I do not know whether you, Mr Speaker, saw the Minister for the Cabinet Office skewered on the “Daily Politics” by Andrew Neil yesterday when he tried to back up his claim that Norway had to abide by three quarters of the EU’s laws. Andrew Neil pointed out that the figure was actually 9%. If the Government are prepared blatantly to lie so badly on that issue, perhaps we need a full debate on the dodgy dossier to see how many other blatant lies they are prepared to resort to”.

Chris Grayling, the Leader of the House of Commons, replied:

“I would simply say that I hope everyone will set out their views and the facts in a completely dispassionate way”.