French Minister Warns that Border Agreement Could be Scrapped

Emmanuel Macron, the French Minister of the Economy, has warned in an article for the Financial Times that the current border agreement between the UK and France could collapse if the UK left the European Union.

Macron warned that the Calais camp could be closed with migrants and asylum seekers being allowed to continue their travel to the UK border. Such a move would involve British border police being asked to leave France and could increase the number of migrants reaching the UK.

Macron also said that France would seek to encourage the financial industry to move from the UK if there was a vote to leave the European Union. There was an uncertainty also how the UK could access the single market with Macron saying:

“People deciding to leave the single market will not be able to secure the same terms”.

The French Minister added:

“The refugees crisis shows we can’t be isolated from the world’s geopolitical troubles. It’s true that the handling of this crisis is appalling. But the response can only be a European one, not a national one, with a co-ordinated diplomacy and border controls”.

Peter Bone, from the Grassroots Out Campaign, rejected Macron’s comments saying:

“If asylum seekers start arriving at Dover, we will send them straight back. As an independent nation, outside of the EU, we will control our own borders whether the French government likes it or not”.