Julian Lewis Named as the Only MP Who Won’t Accept E-mails

Julian Lewis (right) with David Cameron, the Prime Minister

Julian Lewis, the Conservative MP for New Forest East, has been criticised after it was revealed that he is the only MP who refuses to accept e-mails from constituents. Lewis’s office confirmed that he wouldn’t accept e-mails even from constituents who found it easier to use this method of correspondence.

The Writetothem organisation, which sends e-mails to MPs via their web-site, confirmed that Lewis wouldn’t accept e-mails. The site has been sending messages via fax or e-mail for several years but said in a statement:

“It was only last year that our fax machine finally broke, and in assessing the value of its replacement, we realised that we would be buying a new one only in order to allow contact with a sole MP – Dr Lewis”.