Prime Minister to Set Out Case in Northern Ireland for EU Membership


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, is continuing his tour around the country in support of the UK remaining part of the European Union.

In advance of his visit to Northern Ireland the Prime Minister said:

“I’m clear that the people of Northern Ireland, and the whole UK, are better off in a reformed European Union.

More than 60% of Northern Ireland’s exports go to the EU, and around 40% of its investment comes from the EU. Putting that at risk is a leap in the dark”.

He is expected to say in his speech:

“It’s vital that the voices of Northern Ireland’s farmers are heard in this debate. They want security and certainty. I’ve never argued the EU is perfect, but I believe a reformed Europe gives them access to a huge single market and an income that helps them keep food prices low for families.

Those who want the UK to leave the EU need to give answers on their alternatives”.