Michael Howard, Former Tory Leader, Backs Brexit

The Leader of the Conservative Party Michael Howard, delivers his speech to the Conservative Party Conference, Bournemouth.

Michael Howard, the Leader of the Conservative Party from 2003 until 2005, has backed the ‘out’ campaign for the June referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph he wrote:

“There is only one thing that just might shake Europe’s leaders out of their complacency: the shock of a vote by the British people to leave. The very facts that make it certain that the UK could thrive as an independent country – we are the fifth largest economy in the world, the most important military power in Europe and the country with by far the most stable and deep-rooted institutions – make us very valuable members of the EU. We would be sorely missed”.

Howard, who was also the Home Secretary during the latter part of John Major’s administration added that he didn’t blame David Cameron.

“It is not his fault that those efforts met with failure. It is the fault of those EU leaders so mesmerised by their outdated ambition to create a country called Europe that they cannot contemplate any loosening of the ties which bind member states”.