Junior Doctors Announce Three Further Strikes


The British Medical Association, BMA, have confirmed that there will be three further 48-hour strikes of junior doctors. The strikes will take place on 9 March, 6 April and 26 April as doctors continue to show their disapproval of the new contract proposed by Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health.

Johann Malawana, a BMA representative, said:

“If the government wants more seven-day services then, quite simply, it needs more doctors, nurses and support staff, and the extra investment necessary to deliver them”.

A spokesperson at the Department of Health said:

“Further strike action is completely unnecessary and will mean tens of thousands more patients face cancelled operations – over a contract that was 90% agreed with the BMA and which senior NHS leaders including Simon Stevens have endorsed as fair and safe. The new contract will mean an average 13.5% basic pay rise, and will bring down the maximum number of hours doctors can work”.

The announcement of the three further strikes comes after Jeremy Hunt confirmed that the new contracts would be imposed on doctors after failing to reach agreement.