David Cameron Defends the EU Negotiations Deal


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has defended the deal which was reached during the recent EU negotiations. The date of the referendum is now confirmed at Thursday 23 June 2016.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andy Marr show the Prime Minister said:

“I want what’s best for Britain, and I think what’s best for Britain is staying in a reformed European Union, because we’ll be better off safeguarding our position in this massive single free market that we have in Europe. I think we’ll be stronger in the world, being able to get things done, whether that’s making sure our country is safe and our people are safe, and I think we’ll fight terrorism and criminality better. We’ll be safer inside the EU because we’re able to work with our partners, strength in numbers in a dangerous world. That I think is a positive choice for us. I think a leap in the dark with uncertainty already in our world, why take a further risk? You don’t need to. We’ve now got a better deal”.

He added:

“If we remain in a reformed EU you know what you’re going to get, you know how to do business, you know how to create jobs. You know how to continue with our economic recovery. If we leave, seven years potentially of uncertainty. And at the end of that process you still can’t be certain that our businesses will have full access to the market, so it could cost jobs, it could mean businesses, overseas businesses not investing in Britain. It would be a step into the dark, a real risk and uncertainty, and that’s just the last thing we need in our country right now”.