Labour say that Prime Minister’s EU negotiations are a wasted opportunity


Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, has said that the Government’s EU renegotiations are “a wasted opportunity”. Corbyn confirmed that Labour would back the UK’s membership of the EU regardless of the result of the negotiations.

Speaking to a meeting of European Socialists in Brussels, Belgium, Corbyn said:

“David Cameron’s negotiations are a missed opportunity to make the case for the real reforms the EU needs: democratisation, stronger workers’ rights, an end to austerity, and a halt to the enforced privatisation of public services”.

He added:

“The Labour Party will campaign to keep Britain in Europe in the forthcoming referendum, regardless of the outcome of the talks being held in Brussels today. That is because it brings investment, jobs and protection for British workers and consumers”.

The Prime Minister’s negotiations are continuing this week with a referendum possible as early as June 2016.