John Kerry Says that the United States wants the UK to remain in the European Union


John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, has said that US would like to see the UK remain in the European Union.

Kerry said in a speech he made in Munich that:

“The truth is that in every decade since its founding, the EU has been tested by forces –internal and external – that benefited from a house divided. We know many Europeans right now feel overwhelmed by the latest round of challenges, including concerns about the UK’s potential exit from the EU. Here again, however, I want to express the confidence of President Obama and all of us in America that, just as it has so many times before, Europe is going to emerge stronger than ever, provided it stays united and builds common responses to these challenges. Obviously, the United States has a profound interest in your success, as we do in a very strong United Kingdom staying in a strong EU”.

A spokesman for Leave.EU was critical of Kerry’s intervention and said of his statement:

“It might be convenient for John Kerry, who has repeatedly declined to support the UK in the Falklands, for us to be in the EU, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for us”.