Home Office Announces New Child Abuse Whistleblowing Helpline


The Home Office has announced that a new phone line has been established to report any concerns about child abuse. The line will be operated by the NSPCC which will receive a £500,000 annual subsidy from the Government in its first year.

The helpline’s number is 0800 0280285 which is available from 08.00 to 20.00 on Mondays to Fridays.

Karen Bradley, the Minister for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation and Crime, said in a statement:

“The new NSPCC whistleblowing helpline will be a vital service in our fight to end child abuse, including sexual exploitation.

Every child deserves to be safe from abuse, and organisations that are trusted to protect our children must work as effectively as possible to achieve this.

Some employers are making great strides in strengthening whistleblowing processes. But more can be done to encourage employees to report malpractice without fear of victimisation – particularly in relation to children where the cost of failure is so high.

No one should be afraid to report concerns about failures in child protection”.

Peter Wanless, the Chief Executive of the NSPCC, said:

“If an employee thinks a child is in danger or has been failed by their organisation then nothing should stand in the way of them speaking out.

Too often people with concerns have kept silent because they have been fearful of the consequences for their jobs, and this can have devastating consequences for the children involved. A feature of the child abuse scandals of recent years has been people who said they thought something wasn’t right but were unsure whether they could discuss their concerns confidentially outside their organisation.

The new whistleblowing helpline is a vital new initiative and will provide a confidential, safe place for anyone who has concerns and wants support or advice”.