Andy Burnham says Labour may not be able to agree on Trident


Andy Burnham, the Shadow Home Secretary, has said that it may not be possible to get agreement in the party on a Trident policy. Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme Burnham said that the debate was difficult whilst Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Defence Secretary, said that there needed to be a debate.

Burnham said:

“We always knew this was going to be a difficult debate for the party – there are two positions here that are difficult to reconcile, maybe impossible to reconcile, and the party’s got to find some way of accommodating those positions and move forward and not let this issue take over everything”.

Thornberry added:

“The idea of the Trident replacement is that it can hide in the sea. If technology is moving faster than that then it may well be that Trident may not be able to hide. And if that’s right, and if we are to bet everything on ‘mutually assured destruction’, we have to be assured that it will work – and if it cannot hide any more then that is a problem”.

The comments came after a planned Shadow Cabinet debate this week on Trident was postponed. It has been rumoured that the subject could split the party with Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, known to be against renewal of Trident.