Alistair Carmichael involved in leak scandal faces £150,000 legal fees


Alistair Carmichael, the former Scottish Secretary, will face legal costs of around £150,000 following a legal challenge in the election court.

Carmichael admitted to a leaking scandal after initially deceiving the Cabinet Office about the situation. It involved Carmichael leaking the contents of a Scottish Office memo on Nicola Sturgeon to the Daily Telegraph newspaper. Four constituents took Carmichael to an electoral court although the election result was allowed to stand.

Lady Paton and Lord Matthews today issued a legal ruling saying that both sides would have to meet there own legal costs. The ruling stated:

“In all the circumstances, exercising our discretion, we consider this to be in effect a case with divided success. Accordingly, we find no expenses due to or by any party”.

Roddy Dunlop QC, representing Carmichael, said:

“He has already suffered very publicly the consequences of this court’s rebuke”.