Labour Split as Shadow Business Secretary Criticises Leader’s Low Pay Strategy


Angela Eagle, the Shadow Business Secretary, has criticised an idea proposed last week by Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, on penalising low paying employers.

Eagle said to the Sunday Times that Corbyn’s policy was “an interesting idea, but it does not actually work”.

Jeremy Corbyn had said at a keynote speech at the Fabian Society earlier this month:

“Only profitable employers will be paying dividends; if they depend on cheap labour for those profits then I think there is a question over whether that is a business model to which we should be turning a blind eye”.

Eagle also criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s comments on discussing the future of the Falkland Islands with Argentina. Eagle said “the Falklands issue was settled when I was at university” after Corbyn had said “there should be reasonable accommodation with Argentina”.

Jeremy Corbyn has yet to comment on Angela Eagle’s comments.