William Hague writes about how extremist leaders could win power


Writing in the Daily Telegraph, William Hague, the former Conservative Party leader and Foreign Secretary, has said voters in western countries  are angry enough to want to look for a different type of political leader.

Hague wrote:

“In the European Union in particular, there is now the added public anger at a confused and ineffective response to the growing crisis of migration – this time a crisis that millions of people can foresee and understand for themselves.

The Le Pens of Europe are not about to win power, and nor, in all probability is Donald Trump, close call though that might now be. But such is the loss of faith in established leaders in some countries that they, or others like them in the next few years, are only one massive crisis away from winning power”.

He added:

“Yet there is also an explanation that is much more substantial and concerning: that out there among the electorates of western nations there is some real anger and corrosive disillusionment. It is the same anger that has produced the rise to prominence of Marine Le Pen, Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, the Greek far Left, and the second largest party in Italy being led by a comedian.

This is anger about many and varied events, which is why it is manifested by support for alternative leaders of the extreme Left, or extreme Right, or who are just extremely unusual. Some of it is a reaction to the disorientating speed of social and economic change, driven by technology or changing attitudes which politicians cannot in any case control”.