A report chaired by Grant Shapps recommends BT Openreach sell-off


A report backed by 121 backbench MPs from across the political parties, and chaired by Grant Shapps, has recommended that BT should be forced to sell-off their Openreach service.

The report was led by Grant Shapps, the former Conservative Party Chairman, as part of the British Infrastructure Group which aims to promote infrastructure development in the UK. The report concluded:

“We deserve better. We should be leading the world on digital
investment and innovation. Instead we have a company that clings to outdated copper technology with no long term plan for the future.
We need to start converting to a fully fibre network so we are not left behind the other nations rushing to embrace digital advancement. But we will only achieve this by taking action to open up the sector and formally separate BT and Openreach. The benefits this will bring are potentially enormous”.

BT responded by saying that the report was “misleading and ill-judged”.