Shami Chakrabarti to stand down from his role as Director of Liberty


Shami Chakrabarti has announced that she is to stand down as the director of Liberty, the independent human rights organisation which was also known as the National Council for Civil Liberties. She has held the role for 12 years and has appeared regularly in media interviews during this time.

After a period working at the Home Office Chakrabarti joined Liberty on 10 September 2001 as an in-house legal counsel. She took over the role as director of the organisation in September 2003. She will remain in post until a suitable successor is found.

In a statement said on her departure:

“It has been the most enormous privilege to lead Liberty for the past 12 years. With members, colleagues, lawyers, journalists and politicians from across the spectrum, we have held three Prime Ministers and six Home Secretaries to account.

Liberty’s first President E.M. Forster rightly called defending civil liberties ‘the fight that is never done’. I leave Liberty secure in the knowledge that we’re stronger and more ready for that fight than ever.

Human rights belong to everyone. Today we begin our search for someone ready to defend these values well into the future”.