David Cameron says he is hopeful of an deal by February


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has said that he is hopeful that a deal can be reached with other European countries within the next month. There will be a referendum on UK membership of the EU by 2017 at the latest, but it is expected to be held this year.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show the Prime Minister said:

“That is what I would like to see, is a deal in February, then a referendum that would follow”.

He added:

“The idea that Europe must add to our competitiveness, not take away from our competitiveness, making sure this isn’t just a single currency club but it is flexible enough for countries like Britain with our own currency. And then dealing with this issue of the abuse of free movement and the pressure of migration from the EU on Britain by amending welfare rules”.

If an agreement is reached by February it is expected that the referendum would be held in around June of this year.