Jeremy Corbyn calls for unity as fourth Labour MP quits their post


Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, has called for unity in an article for the Guardian newspaper. The call has been over-shadowed by the resignation of Alison McGovern, the Labour MP for Wirral South, who has quite the party’s policy review group.

Corbyn said in the article:

“My election as Labour leader represented a deep-seated desire for change and for a new direction in our politics. It’s hardly surprising if some find that shift difficult to adjust to. But we will maintain a broad-based leadership, with space for a wide range of views and all the talents.

In reality, there is in fact now a greater Labour consensus on domestic and economic policy than at any period in my lifetime. Even on foreign and security policy, where differences have been sharper, the Syria debate last month showed there was a clear majority in every part of our party for opposition to Cameron’s bombing campaign”.

The Leader of the Opposition has yet to comment on the resignation of Alison McGovern. She told BBC’s Sunday Politics:

I’m there waiting to meet [John McDonnell] to talk about [child poverty and inequality] and all the while he’d gone to the TV studio to call the organisation that I am chair of ‘hard-right Conservative’, of having a hard-right Conservative agenda. That’s not OK. We are all Labour members and we believe in having a Labour government – that’s what we are, nothing more nothing less”.