David Cameron meets with Queen Rania of Jordan


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has met with Queen Rania of Jordan. Born in 1970 the Queen married Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, a then Prince, in June 1993. Since then she has taken an interest in women’s and children’s rights around the world and has supported numerous United Nations programmes.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said:

“The Prime Minister held talks with Her Majesty, Queen Rania of Jordan this afternoon.

They discussed the need for a comprehensive approach to the Syrian humanitarian crisis, and agreed that as well as substantially increasing humanitarian aid, countries must seek to address the longer term needs of refugees through education and employment, to enable them to return to Syria and rebuild its economy once the conflict has ended.

Queen Rania thanked the British people for their generosity in providing support to Syrians, and said countries in the Middle East and Europe should work together to respond to the challenges of so many refugees.

The Prime Minister and Queen Rania discussed the forthcoming Syria Pledging Conference, and agreed education was vital to securing a bright future, reiterating their commitment to ensuring greater access to education for all children in Syria and its neighbouring countries”.