BBC Reject Complaint from Labour over Stephen Doughty Resignation


The BBC has rejected a complaint from the Labour Party over how it handled the resignation of Stephen Doughty. Doughty was one of three Labour MPs who resigned from the Shadow Ministerial team earlier in the week in protest over the sackings of Shadow Cabinet Ministers by Jeremy Corbyn.

Seumas Milne, Labour’s Director of Communications, complained that the MP’s resignation was broadcast live on air before Doughty had tendered a letter of resignation to Jeremy Corbyn. Doughty said that he sent the letter to Corbyn before the interview but was concerned that he would be smeared by senior Labour figures so didn’t allow time for a response. Hours later John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, referred to Doughty as “part of a right-wing clique”.

Robbie Gibb, the editor of the Daily Politics, replied:

“As you know it is a long standing tradition that political programmes on the BBC, along with all other news outlets, seek to break stories. It is true that we seek to make maximum impact with our journalism which is entirely consistent with the BBC’s editorial guidelines and values”.