Diane Abbott and Peter Mandelson Clash Over Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership


Diane Abbott and Peter Mandelson have clashed in on-line articles in the Guardian newspaper, written regarding the future of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

Diane Abbott wrote in the Guardian that Mandelson’s argument was “ludicrously red-baiting” and that “the Labour party membership has doubled since Jeremy actually became leader”.

Abbott also suggested that Corbyn wouldn’t be conducting a reshuffle to remove more liberal figures in the party, and instead noted the wide range of opinions in the Shadow Cabinet:

“Far from being divisive, Jeremy has sought, in constructing his shadow cabinet, to encompass every known strand of Labour party opinion. There are Blairites such as Lord Falconer, Gordon Brown acolytes including Michael Dugher MP, supporters of Ed Miliband like Lucy Powell MP, and others of no known ideological bent. The truth is, Jeremy has bent over backwards to accommodate all these people”.

She added that “Mandelson also resorts to smears” and “ordinary party members and the general public are weary of these personal attacks on Jeremy”.

Peter Mandelson wrote in the Guardian that:

“For Corbyn, pursuing his own far-left agenda and risking Labour civil war is a higher priority than taking on the Tories. Through him, the hard left is beginning to exert a more suffocating grip on our party”.

He added that:

“His attitude to the shadow cabinet is that, whatever their judgment and conscience tells them, they must toe his line. On Syria he allowed a free vote only to turn round and threaten to sack those who voted against his position”.

He also criticised the leadership after the rumours of a reshuffle of the Shadow Cabinet saying:

“Whether or not the much-vaunted ‘revenge’ reshuffle happens – and I hope for the sake of the party Corbyn drops his plans – allowing two weeks of speculation when he could easily have killed it was clearly designed to remind his colleagues of their vulnerability”.