Jeremy Corbyn criticised over reshuffle rumours


Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, has been criticised by a Labour MP following a series of briefings which have allegedly been made to journalists. A series of Daily Telegraph articles have suggested that Corbyn intends to remove internal critics in his party.

John McTernan, formerly the Director of Political Operations for Tony Blair, wrote:

“Labour MPs have been tolerant of Corbyn’s leadership – in my view too tolerant. But they have had a purpose, if not a strategy – let him make the first move. Not the first mistake, mind – there have been plenty of those – just the first move. Briefings in the papers have revealed that he is about to do that with a reshuffle of the Shadow Cabinet as soon as he comes back from holiday. The reason? Disloyalty. The occasion? The free vote on bombing Isil in Syria. Yes, that’s right, sackings and demotions are being planned as a punishment for voting freely in a free vote”.

Michael Dugher, the Shadow Culture Secretary, also said that attacks on the Government “have regrettably eclipsed by talk about a revenge reshuffle”.

Tom Watson, the party’s deputy leader, denied any knowledge of a reshuffle and said that it would be a matter for Jeremy Corbyn.