Grant Shapps Resigns Over Mark Clarke Scandal


Grant Shapps, the Minister of State for International Development, has resigned over allegations of bullying whilst he was the Conservative Party Chairman. The allegations are currently centred around the behaviour of Mark Clarke and that Shapps failed to take action.

Mark Clarke has been accused of bullying others in the party and was named by Elliott Johnson in a suicide note of being responsible. Clarke works for Unilever who have refused to comment regarding the allegations which have been made against him.

In a statement issued today by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, he referred to the death of Johnson saying:

“I feel deeply for his parents, It is an appalling loss to suffer and that is why it is so important there is a proper coroner’s inquiry. In terms of what the Conservative party should do, there should be and there is a proper inquiry that asks all the questions as people come forward. That will take place.

It is a tragic loss of a talented young life and it is not something any parent should go through and I feel for them deeply”.