Government Issues Joint Statement over Libya


The United Kingdom has joined the Governments of Algeria, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States in calling for a new Government of National Accord in Libya.

The Government statement said:

“We strongly encourage all parties to form a Government of National Accord. Only a Government of National Accord can begin the difficult work of establishing effective, legitimate governance, restoring stability, and preserving the unity of the country, as expected by all Libyans.

We commend the courage of these HoR and GNC members who face intimidation by hardliners on both sides seeking to frustrate progress towards a GNA. We admire their determination to build a united Libya which will be able to combat instability, extremism and terrorism. We remind those attempting to impede progress that they will be held to account by the Libyan people and by the international community for their actions”.