Government says that situation in South Sudan is worsening


Grant Shapps, the Minister of State for International Development, has said that the situation in South Sudan is worsening with the famine affecting more people.

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011 but has faced a civil war since then. Famines have been a serious issue for the country over recent years and there are continued healthcare difficulties.

In a statement Shapps said:

“It is clear there is an urgent and deepening crisis in South Sudan.

More people than ever before are facing severe and catastrophic food shortages and without additional relief the world’s newest country faces a very real risk of famine.

Britain’s aid will save many lives and help stabilise one of the world’s most fragile countries, helping them cope better with future shocks like droughts and food shortages.

South Sudan can only build a safer, more peaceful and prosperous future when its peace agreement is implemented in full and aid agencies are given the unrestricted access they need to do their jobs”.