Government Minister speaks of need in schools for good business management


Sam Gyimah, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Childcare and Education, has made a speech in Birmingham talking about the importance of business managers in schools.

He said that good financial management was essential in ensuring that schools used their budgets wisely and the role of business managers shouldn’t be under-estimated. He explained that the number of bursars and financial experts had tripled in the state school system since 2005 and it was helping in ensuring that there was better value for money.

Gyimah said:

“So I hope that governors, headteachers, and CEOs of multi-academy trusts across the country will take note now when I say – that this government supports you and this government will continue to support you, because we know how important your role is. Every day, your work underpins the great teaching in our schools and unlocks our goal of educational excellence, everywhere”.

The full text of the speech is available here.