Foreign Office Calls for Peace Settlement in Yemen


Tobias Ellwood, the Minister for the Middle East at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, has called for a peace settlement to be implemented in Yemen. Ellwood was speaking after a United Nations General Assembly meeting was held to discuss a political solution to the problems.

There has been political instability in the country since 2011 when a series of protests which ultimately led to the Prime Minister resigning in January 2015. Since then political factions have sought to seize control of the country which is currently suffering from corruption, instability and a failing infra-structure.

Ellwood said:

“Yemen is at risk of suffering a prolonged conflict and descending into famine.

A political solution is the best way to achieve peace and stability. The international community fully supports UN efforts to bring all parties involved in this conflict together to negotiate a lasting ceasefire. All parties in the conflict must engage constructively and in good faith, and refrain from any action that would undermine attempts for a resolution through dialogue”.