UK pledges £115 million in response to Syrian refugee crisis


The UK Government is to provide £115 million in funding to help ease the Syrian refugee crisis. The Government also called on the European Union to do more to provide funding to help the refugees.

The largest recipient of the aid money will be the World Food Programme who will receive £40 million, with additional donations being made to UNICEF, UN Relief and Works Agency, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN’s Refugee Agency.

Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, said in a statement:

“Once again the UK is leading the way in meeting the most immediate, basic needs of hundreds of thousands of Syrians caught up in this conflict.

Our new support will give desperate people the food, clean water and shelter they need to survive on a daily basis where they are, so they won’t have to risk their lives fleeing the region and attempting the treacherous crossing to Europe. It will also provide immediate, life-saving humanitarian assistance and protection to refugees in transit.

The UN is desperately underfunded and more help is urgently needed in the short term. Today’s emergency European Council meeting presents a real opportunity for the EU to show leadership in tackling the humanitarian and migration crisis at source.

That means continuing to meet basic needs inside Syria and across the region, while helping host countries cope with growing numbers of refugees. At the same time, we must ensure Syrian children can get an education and adult refugees have the prospect of finding work if we are to address some of the issues that are driving people to move and give them some cause to hope for the future”.