Andy Burnham reported to say that Jeremy Corbyn would be “a disaster”


Andy Burnham, one of the four candidates to become leader of the Labour Party, has been recorded by the Sun Newspaper saying that electing Jeremy Corbyn instead would be “a disaster”.

The recording was made in secret by a Sun journalist posing as a donor to Burnham’s campaign. It may now prove difficult for Burnham to take a position in Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet as he had previously indicated that he would be willing to do.

Burnham said in the secret recording:

“Privately, it is a disaster for the Labour Party. I mean, publicly, he is a nice man, a nice individual. He believes in the things he campaigns on so he’s not a fraud in any way. But I think the public will think Labour has given up on ever being a Government again”.

The result of the leadership contest will be announced this Saturday with Corbyn the current favourite to win.