Environment Secretary says Government will help British farmers

Liz Truss
Liz Truss

Elizabeth Truss, the Secretary of State for the Environment, has said that the Government will ensure that British farmers get assistance. The measures will include a review of the dairy supply chain, a review of purchasing food and drink in the public sector and there will be a trade delegation to China.

Truss said in a statement:

“I recognise the seriousness of the current situation for our hardworking farmers and I will be pushing the EU Commission tomorrow for urgent action to help them through this turbulent time.

Dairy farmers are a vital part of our £100 billion food and farming industry. I want to support the industry to become more resilient and ready to take advantage of the growing demand for British dairy both at home and overseas.

That’s why we are urgently pursuing a range of measures to build on best practice in the industry, provide better promotion of our world class products, and boost support for local producers from the public sector including government departments, schools and hospitals”.