Government condemns human right violations in Syria


Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, the Chairman of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, has written a report published by the United Nations on Human Rights.

Pinheiro said:

“With no end in sight, the Syrian conflict continues to intensify. Civilians, Syrians of all backgrounds, have been the subject of crimes against humanity, war crimes as well as other serious violations of international humanitarian law and gross violations of their human rights.

Our tenth report, released today, examines the impact of the Syrian conflict on some of the most affected groups and communities. This report documents the manner in which fighting-age men, women, children, detainees, the sick and wounded, the besieged, medical and humanitarian workers, lawyers, human rights defenders, journalists and the displaced have been specifically targeted by one or more of the warring parties.

Civilians are suffering the unimaginable, as the world stands witness. Without stronger efforts to bring parties to the peace table, ready to compromise, current trends suggest that the Syrian conflict – and the killing and destruction it wreaks – will carry on for the foreseeable future”.

Tobias Ellwood, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, said in a statement:

“This latest UN report describes appalling human rights violations in Syria. The Assad regime is responsible for abuses on a vast scale, with continued indiscriminate use of barrel bombs, artillery, chemical weapons and unlawful detention and torture. ISIL and other extremist groups are brutal and inhumane, with abuses including multiple summary executions, the sexual slavery of Yazidi women and forced recruitment of child soldiers. The report makes clear that women and girls are regularly targeted by various sides to the conflict solely on the basis of their gender.

The UK condemns in the strongest possible terms all human rights violations that are taking place in Syria on a daily basis. We need to hold the perpetrators to account. And we need to see a political settlement to this conflict, ridding Syria of dictatorship, and to help to defeat the scourge of ISIL”.