David Cameron claims the Conservative Party is the true party of working people


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has written in an article for The Times newspaper today that it is the Conservatives who are the true party of working people.

He wrote:

“Our autumn agenda is about keeping our foot to the floor on the recovery. If we do that, we can turn a low-pay, high-tax, high-welfare society into one which higher pay, lower taxes and less reliance on welfare – restoring the link between hard work and reward”.

He also commented on the Labour leadership election, writing:

“Look at today’s Labour leadership candidates. All of them are in a race to the left, vowing to borrow, tax and spend more – all the things that failed in the last century and were rejected at the last election. Listening to some of the anti-NATO, anti-American, profoundly anti-business and anti-enterprise debates is like Groundhog Day. Labour aren’t learning. They’re slaves to a failed dogma that has always left working people paying the price”.