David Cameron announces 18 new free schools


The Government has today announced that 18 new free schools will be set up which represents 9,000 new school places. The Government is on track to open 500 new free schools by the 2020 General Election.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, said:

“As a ‘one nation’ government we are clear that every family should have access to a great local school and every child should get the very best education – and free schools are a crucial part of that aim. The aim of this policy is crystal clear – to increase the number of good and outstanding school places so that more parents have the security of knowing their child is getting a great education.

Today’s announcement shows that we will not waver in pressing ahead with our plans to open 500 more of these innovative and exciting schools over the next 5 years, creating 270,000 places, delivering an excellent education and giving parents across the country real choice for their children”.

The Labour Party pledged in their 2015 General Election manifesto that existing free schools wouldn’t be closed but that no new free schools would be introduced where there was already a surplus of available spaces.

Also commenting on the new free schools, Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, said:

“The free schools programme has sent out the message loud and clear, that parents should never have to settle for anything less than the best for their child. Right across the country, these innovative, community led schools are helping to fulfil our ‘one nation’ commitment to educational excellence for every child.

We know that free schools don’t just give parents greater choice, they also force existing schools to up their game. Today’s news sends a clear message that we are committed to extending this unprecedented level of choice to more parents than ever before”.