Boris Johnson calls for intervention in Syria


Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has said that intervention in Syria is necessary to tackle the issue of asylum seekers fleeing the country.

Referring to the destruction of the Palmyra temple complex Johnson wrote for the Daily Telegraph:

“It has survived every conqueror and every invasion in a region famed for the brutality of its invaders. No one has been so moronic and vile as to destroy an object that so adorned our collective civilisation – no one until Daesh, or Isil, or whatever we want to call them. People feel instinctively that these buildings stand for something remarkable – the willingness of one civilisation to learn from another, to adopt architectural styles, to blend, to merge – to enjoy and accept and build on the legacy of the past. This annihilated temple was consecrated to Baal – the god of the Phoenicians – but it was respected by Greeks, by Romans, by Jews, and by Arabs of all denominations”.

He added:

“I perfectly accept that intervention has not often worked. It has been a disaster in Iraq; it has been a disaster in Libya. But can you honestly say that non-intervention in Syria has been a success? If we keep doing nothing about the nightmare in Syria, then frankly we must brace ourselves for an eternity of refugees, more people suffocating in airless cattle trucks at European motorway service stations, more people trying to climb the barbed wire that we are building around the European Union”.