Foreign Secretary praises new links between Serbia and Kosovo


Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, has welcomed strengthened links between Serbia and Kosovo.

Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative, helped to negotiate the agreements and he said:

“I hosted a meeting of the high level dialogue for normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina with Prime Ministers Aleksandar Vučić and Isa Mustafa and their delegations in Brussels today to finalise implementation arrangements of four key agreements: on energy, telecoms, establishment of the Association/Community of Serb majority municipalities as well as the Freedom of Movement/Mitrovica Bridge”.

In a statement Hammond said:

“I congratulate Prime Minister Vucic, Prime Minister Mustafa and High Representative Mogherini on their hard work and perseverance in securing these agreements.

I urge both Serbia and Kosovo to maintain this positive momentum. Completing the implementation of all their agreements will be an important step towards normalising relations between the two countries and increasing regional stability and security.

I also encourage both leaders to maintain the commitment necessary for both countries to continue on their respective EU paths and towards a stable and prosperous future for all their citizens”.