Gatwick boss criticises the Davies Commission Report


Stewart Wingate, the Chief Executive Officer of Gatwick Airport, has made controversial comments on the Davies Commission Report which published its recommendations for expanding aviation capacity last month.

The Commission Chairman, Sir Howard Davies, recommended that the only additional runway should be built at Heathrow Airport. Responding to the report Wingate said:

“We expected a well-considered examination of all options, but instead the final report contains so many omissions and basic errors that its reliability as the basis of aviation policy must be called into question. The findings of this report simply do not add up”.

Sir Howard Davies responded in a statement:

“This dossier appears to repeat many points which Gatwick made to the Commission in the course of its work and which, unsurprisingly, were carefully considered. They did not alter the Commission’s view that Heathrow was the best option. Using colourful language, as Mr. Wingate has done, does not turn weak points into strong ones, and does him and his company no credit”.